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Research and development is the foundation of our future success

Just as the roots of this company are intrinsically linked with the innovative excellence of its founder, Friedrich Uhde, so the success enjoyed by Uhde for more than 80 years can be attributed to the ingenuity of its employees. Uhde is the no. 1 address for innovative technologies, which include considerable improvements made to our ammonia process, revolutionary discoveries in the field of aromatics extraction and tailor-made solutions for chlorine electrolysis.

Our own test centre, which has 100 specialists, including chemists, chemical engineers, process engineers, geologists and other CPI personnel, ensures that all operating and technical prerequisites are met to the full.

We never leave innovations to chance. Preliminary, systematic economic analyses are vital in the search for ideas to improve and optimise the plants which are part of our existing process portfolio. Additional market studies on chemical products reveal the need to develop new processes or new process routes. Miniplants and/or pilot/laboratory plants are frequently of great importance in eliminating the risks involved in building a full-scale plant.

At our pilot plants, such as those used for distillation, extraction and extractive distillation processes, we perform measurements on catalysts and examine adsorption and absorption. We also measure chemical reactions and carry out analytical examinations using methods such as gas chromatography, atomic absorption spectroscopy, photometry and polarography.

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